How to get google adsense approval for website/blogger

How to get google adsense approval 

hi friends, in this article you will know about approval of google adsense. it is very necessary to get google adsense approval for website because its your hardwork of making content for google.
 so it is very necessary to get your hardwork earning with the help of google adsense if you follow all the tips given in this article i am sure you will get approval of adsense in less than a day.

How to get google adsense approval for website/blogger

What is google adsense?

Google AdSense is a product of Google where it provide ads so that you can link it to your website/ blogger and YouTube this helps  to place ads on your website and YouTube so that you can earn money from it.  Simply we can define that google adsense is the best source from which we can earn money. If you start your business in online source like from making a website or a channel on youtube then google adsense is the source which will gives you money for your hardworking and good content used by placing the ads to your content.

Adsense approval  tips 

Here are few tips to get approval of your Google AdSense to your website or blogger it is very simple to link your website to Google AdSense and get approval but you have to follow the policies of Google AdSense

  •  If you make  good contents without having any  error on it means you have not to copy or scraped content used in your website this will be a positive sign to get approval of Google AdSense because google adsense sees your content, so you have to make sure you make quality content.

  • The another tip for or getting approval of the Google AdSense is to your website have a good interface that it it contains all the requirements which is necessary  for approval of Google AdSense your website have all the important pages present on your website the important pages are -
  1. about us 
  2. contact us
  3. privacy policy
  4. dislaimer
these are very important pages for a website because Google AdSense analysis your website if if these requirements are not present in your website then the Google AdSense will not approve your website or blogger.

  • Make sure that the content used in your website is unique if you use copy and paste option of another or scrapped content that if you wants to get approval fast you should makes quality content this will help you get your content rank on google .

  • Make sure you have written 20 to 25 post in your website to get approval fast Google AdSense because many of the people analyse that if you have written less than 20 post in your website this makes late approval of the Google AdSense.

  • Make sure that you have writtten your blog about 500 to 1000 words this will help to rank your content to google and also help to get the adsense approval .if you will not write your blog post about long your adsense will be not approved .

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